Danie Gomez-Ortigoza, the blogger behind Journey of a Braid, is known for her sense of style, which starts at her head—with her beautiful wrapped braids and works its way down to her well-heeled feet. She’s also known for her community outreach—if there’s a way to lend a helping hand or shine light on a cause, she’s there doing it in a style that Instagram loves. We caught up with the dynamic blogger to see just how she spends her time in the District.

While temperatures may start to cool as we head into fall, date night should not. Look no further than the MDD for your next night a deux--as the food, drink and cultural options are endless. Here are five tasty ideas for the perfect date night in Miami… plus what to wear. 

Luxury Living Group, Alberto Vignatelli’s Italian luxury furniture and homeware company headquartered in Palazzo Orsi Mangelli in Forlì, is taking the next step in its journey and unveiling its first U.S. showhouse—RESIDENCE x Luxury Living in the Miami Design District. 

Family, food, fun: in our opinion, that’s the recipe for a perfect day. Spending time with family is all about making memories and the Miami Design District’s offering of restaurants, art spaces, and shops make it the perfect location for your most memorable family outings. We’ve put together what we think is the quintessential family day at MDD.

The Miami Design District is informed by artists. As the most dynamic local neighborhood where architecture, art, design and fashion intersect, the neighborhood is uniquely suited to inspire creators and innovators, and invites them into a space of exploration. This week, a group of promising young designers and their mentors are convening for a tour of the District’s distinctive architectural cornerstones as well as fashion and retail spaces, and the Institute of Contemporary Art. 

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