Pushing Through the Fifth Wall at Design and Its Dimensions

The Young Artist Initiative (YAI) is pushing through the fifth wall in Design and its Dimensions event on Friday, October 28.  Spotlighting more than 40 creatives, organizers are working in partnership with the Miami Design District to transform the iconic Moore Building into an inspired space for designers, architects, visual artists, and performance. 

YAI was founded in 2015 and is an independent artist-driven collective that’s championing Miami’s emerging talent with open calls and events throughout the city. 

(Installation by Dylan Etienne-Ramsey)

In this special installment for Design and its Dimensions, selected participants have been asked to present works that interpret the fourth dimension, looking beyond the familiar, linear measurements of length, height and volume. 

“Design and its Dimensions, as an immersive exhibition, is a collaborative study of what it means to design time,” explains YAI creative Director, Rodrigo Mascheroni de Uhart.  “Our mission is to empower emerging artists and to provide an atypical yet harmonious platform for them to exhibit their works and interact with curious minds. The essence of YAI’s mission lies in presenting and applying art in a manner where the artist and the community are intertwined through concept and interaction.”

(Painting by Joshua Hagler)

Participants include Los Angeles-based painter Joshua Hagler, whose work deals with the elements of time, memory and juxtaposition; AxelVoid, a gifted local painter hailing from Andalusia, Spain, explores themes of detachment, recollection and its duality; Dylan Etienne-Ramsey is one of three must-see featured students from Design and Architecture Senior High; and Camila Luna, a Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, possesses a powerful voice that emanates from a place of nostalgia for her birth country.

In effort to help develop these up-and-coming artists with valuable insights and feedback, works will be critiqued by an expert panel comprised of Silvia Barisione, curator of the Wolfsonian Museum in Miami Beach; Tiffany Chestler, director of cultural programming for the Miami Design District and Curator at DACRA; Rodolphe el-Khoury, dean of the University of Miami Architecture; and John Stewart, professor at Florida International University’s Department of Architecture.  

(Painting by Axel Void)

But visitors should also judge for themselves. Design and Its Dimensions takes place on Friday, October 28 from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. in the Moore Building (4040 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami).  To book your ticket visit Eventbrite