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Society is in a state of inundation. From booked calendars to the endless buzzing of smartphones, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the demands of our surroundings. With stress looming at every corner, finding time to unplug is more important than ever. Extinguish the feeling of burnout by adding some much-needed self-care into your routine. Self-love isn’t indulgent, it’s smart. 

It’s time to #DesignABetterYou. Let Miami Design District get you on a new path to self-love with these five must-try experiences.

Gain Clarity

Start your day with an open, clear mind. According to Healthline, there’s scientific evidence to prove that meditation promotes emotional health and reduces stress. Visit the tranquil Ahana Yoga studio for one of its daily meditation classes. Students will learn ancient techniques to relieve anxiety and practice the art of peaceful, silent meditation.

Ahana Yoga

Fuel Your Body 

Nutrition is self-care’s best friend. Nourishing your body with healthy food can provide a boost in your energy and mood. Stop by Pura Vida during your self-love tour for a nutrient-rich acai bowl or fresh juice. The locally-sourced, organic ingredients will feed your mind, body, and soul with each bite.

Pura Vida Cafe

Nail Self-Love

The ability to feel great is right at your fingertips. When you step into Vanity Projects, your nails are the canvas. The luxury nail-art atelier has a skilled staff of artists ready to take your manicure to the next level. Practice your self-expression by adding sparkle and intrigue to your nails. These bespoke manicures are innovative and inspiring.

Vanity Projects

Add Lift to Your Locks

There’s nothing like a fresh blowout to lift your spirits. Visit IGK Salon’s talented hairstylists to heighten your hair and your attitude. Add shine and volume with a hair mask and blowout. After you’re done with your hair flip, post your #DesignABetterYou selfie to Instagram so we can admire your new look, too!

IGK salon



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