Buena Vista Art Club

Deep breath. We've been told many are beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed by the plethora of events stacking up in their calendars. One simple game plan? Check out the Buena Vista building in the Design District. The Buena Vista is playing host to several exhibitions and below we've listed some of our favorites:

  • Author Uknown - ILOTT Vintage presents Author Unknown a series of vintage photographs with rich Kodak color
  • ShopBAZAAR - From the pages of Bazaar comes a unique shop with everything being selected by editors
  • ACRE - The Midwest comes to the Magic City as Chicago's Nick Wylie puts together a show of fresh talented artists in collaboration with Roofless Records and Michael Jon Gallery. Expect an all out party as residents, alumni, DJs, and more come together to offer a taste of ACRE's vibrant energy
  • Ping-Pong - A collaboration for artists from Basel, LA, and Miami
  • Architecture for Dogs - 13 pieces of architecture specifically designed for man's best friend
  • CAT13 Projects - Three artists take explore the contrasting dynamic between an undefined canvas and free form. 
  • TRIAD - Video installations and micro-installations create an exhibit that demands the viewed pay more attention
  • Acconci Studio - Design Miami/ has named Acconci Studio the designer of the year