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The Gucci 100 Pop-Up has hit the District. Conceived as a tribute to celebrate the centennial of the Maison, Gucci 100 merges a profound connection of the senses between two universal languages. The language of clothing as an expression of personal identity and the language of music that invigorates emotion and recalls collective memories. 

Gucci 100 Pop-Up

“The centennial, for me, represents an opportunity to bear witness to Gucci’s eternal vitality that year after year, is reborn, it renews itself, reestablishing an unusual relationship with contemporaneity as a boy, forever young, observing the world with a powerful vision. I recognized the manifestation of its youth in its having intercepted and traversed, for one hundred years now, popular culture in all its forms. Above all, in music: the only medium, aside from fashion, more reactive to the times that mutate and mark the new, the today, the now”, Alessandro Michele.

Gucci 100 Pop-Up

The collection begins with a reflection on the number 22,706, the extensive number of songs where the word “Gucci” appears among the lyrics from 1921 to today. 

Gucci 100 Pop-Up

 “It isn’t a revisionist attempt to rummage through the past: if anything, mine is a ‘reverse’ revisionism of the House’s history, stitched back together by a piercing note, a melody, a refrain. Also because, if I were to depict Gucci, for me it would be an eternal teenager who hangs out at places where music is heard and played”, - Alessandro Michele

Shop ready-to-wear and accessories which feature the Gucci 100 logo or are adorned with verses from three songs chosen by Alessandro Michele from among the countless tracks that mention the brand: “Music is Mine Gucci Seats Reclined”, from the song “The R” (1988) by Eric B. & Rakim, “This One’s Dedicated To All You Gucci Bag Carriers Out There It’s Called You Got Good Taste” from “You Got Good Taste” (1983) by the rock band “The Cramps” and “And The Men Notice You With Your Gucci Bag Crew” from Amy Winehouse’s “Fuck Me Pumps” (2003). (© Sony Music Publishing)  The Gucci 100 Pop-Up is open in Paradise Plaza Event Space, 151 NE 41st Street 3rd Floor, at Miami Design District until October 24th. 

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