The sneaker trend is a foot.

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Ladies who’ve been longing for those long heels with red bottoms can rejoice. There is now a way to wear Christian Louboutin daily, yes daily, without having to expand your closet or win the lottery.

The heat. The afternoon rain. The fact that we’re more than halfway through the “fun” season… yeah, we’ve got a case of the summer blues. And we’re going to dress the part, too. At least when you’re feeling glum, you can look gorg in shades of periwinkle, aqua, royal and midnight blue. Here’s how…

It’s hard to think about fall when most of Miami is still in swimwear, but let’s switch gears for a minute, okay?  For stylish South Floridian’s who don’t have to stock up on sweaters and warmer wears to build a fall wardrobe like the rest of the country, it does get a bit tricky trying to interpret trends. However, lucky for us, one of the big trends for the season is bold, bright colors.  And in Miami, we know how to do color. Let’s take a peek at how-to translate vibrant hues seen on the runway to the real world. Grab your color wheel and lets’ go!

Categories Fashion & Style

Here’s a guide on how to look hot and keep cool.