Back by popular demand, the Miami Design District Performance Series (previously known as the Palm Court Performance Series) is coming back to Palm Court this October! With its sunset performances of musicians from all walks of the music world, this free weekly event is quickly becoming one of Miami’s most celebrated cultural evenings. Add that to the fact that it’s produced by 19-time Grammy Award-winning producer Emilio Estefan in collaboration with Miami Symphony Orchestra maestro Eduardo Marturet… and well, these are some concerts you won’t want to miss.

An audiophile’s oasis has opened at Deja Vu Audio South in the iconic Moore Building.  Lounging in one of four listening rooms, Johnny Cash’s “If You Could Read My Mind” on a DaVinciAudio Labs turntable never sounded so alive.  Both the grit of his voice and the qualities unique to the recording permeated through the space.  To appreciate music in this way feels like a ritual meant to bring you closer to the artist; it’s also like an act of homage that pays due respect to the way in which the album was intended to be heard. 

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Set under Sou Fujimoto’s glass facade in the Miami Design District’s Palm Court Plaza—an allegorical ode to South Florida’s seasonal downpours and blue skies—Mad Hatter, Mouse, March Hare, and the usual suspects from the Miami Center Theater hosted an interactive social in the neighborhood, transporting guests through the rabbit hole for a reenactment of Alice in Wonderland’s famed tea party. While kids from the neighborhood gathered at a table singing “Twinkle, Twinkle,” the dreaminess of a breezy October evening under the stars was not lost on the rest of us, who have been waiting for this weather since March. 

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“Let’s Rock,” an exhibition at Fahey/Klein Gallery, reveals a compelling survey of works by some of the most prolific photographers.  Shaping the identity of Rock & Roll as a social and cultural revolution, photography has been complicit in perpetuating music and its protagonists to legendary status. In a 2009 exhibit, the Brooklyn Museum of Art canonized the genre in “Who Shot Rock & Roll: A Photographic History 1960 – Present.” Now with 38 works of its own on view, Fahey/Klein brings rock’s pivotal moments to the Miami Design District.

2015 is in full swing and in keeping things fresh in the New Year; it’s time to refresh your playlist. Lucky for you, the Miami Design District’s curator of sound DJ Jared Dietch has some fresh beats to keep you cruising through the month. We sat down with the music maestro’s brain to find out what inspired him to create this month’s Spotify Playlist, which is available for your listening pleasure.  You’re welcome!