Like a magnet, it appears. Art Basel Miami Beach draws A-list personalities and pop ups like no other event in Miami. With celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Boy George, Cindy Crawford, Gerard Butler, Tegan and Sara, Marc Anthony and Princess Eugenie anticipated to come this year, there’s a giddy mood amongst us locals. One may even bump into Lady Gaga as she’s rumored to make a splash, too.

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The collision between fashion, art and design has become an ever-increasing priority on the Art Basel calendar, especially in Miami. In a place where all thre disciplines seamlessly converge, it is only appropriate that a carmaker known for harmonizing beautiful art and intelligent design alongside an international magazine that documents global trends in form and function have created a challenging exhibition: Handmade.

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A new networking group launches in the area.

It appears the store with the red soles has a good soul, as well. Now on display at Christian Louboutin Design District, view photographer Hugo Tillman’s work where proceeds from the sales go toward the Grameen Foundation — an organization committed to freeing the world from abject poverty.

If you have been here since the beginning or are a newbie, there is really nothing better than working in the Design District. Live here? Even better. But lets be honest: there is really no other place like it. Realize it or not, we are kind of a different breed of people. Don’t believe us? Check out this list:

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