“There is a pureness and rawness to the body shops of the past decade that I certainly romanticize from growing up around them and looking up to particular people who work there.”

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The Haas Bros entered upon this project after many visits between theirs and Elder Statesman's studios. Having poured over deep backlogs of insane colors, patterns and knits within Greg's archives all the while Greg noticing the logic-based beading program developing in The Haas Brothers space, the two came together. They thought they would try to build one of their "logic plants" on a large scale by taking advantage of the rich palette of colors Elder Statesman had stockpiled. The Haas Brothers designed a woven bead "tree" that grows by reading and analyzing the colors in its own structure and responds by producing a new bead with a new color.  Working like a computer program, this one is made to grow into the Miami space and create a multicolored cashmere cave out of large, cashmere-covered beads.  It is a soft, quiet, multi-colored and complexly patterned Oasis of Cashmeres. The life of the structure is written in its color and couldn't be more beautifully expressed than in Greg's cashmeres.

The World of Mr. Somebody & Mr. Nobody marries the distinct sensibilities of a Wes Anderson film and an African souk.  For two weeks during Art Basel, this artful living and retail space presented a singular aesthetic of clothing, art and treats selected by founders/designers Sharon Lombard and Heidi Chisholm, and curated with Cathy Leff.  Perhaps most endearing was the familiarity and communal aspects of the Mr. Somebody & Mr. Nobody marketplace, which along with offering things for sale, offered special pods for snacking, talking with friends, and even napping (much needed during Miami art week!)

Shen Wei – In Black, White and Gray presents a rare opportunity to experience contemporary genius at play. Perhaps best known for choreographing the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies in 2008, where dancers quite literally drifted and rolled their ink-soaked limbs across a life-sized scroll, the sheer breath and scope of Shen Wei’s art culminates in his upcoming show during Basel Miami week.

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Yuri Tuma offers audiences a point of “Departure,” a large-scale chromatic photography exhibition at Butter Gallery. With symmetry, patterns, and his signature use of mobile technology, Tuma reshapes the seemingly ordinary into ephemeral visual representations. His exploration of materiality, motion, and color are at times mesmerizing and, for the artist, represent an elevated inner sanctum. This meditative space of quiet and mental centering is where Tuma creates these works. His oeuvre, through clean shapes and simple lines, channel this transformative physical and psychological process.

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