Beyond the rainbows of Miami’s candy-coated landscape lies a magical universe called Gesamtkunstwerk in Allapattah.  A quasi-fortress replete with project rooms, exhibition areas and secret doorways, this curious space is home to Butter Gallery, Spinello Projects, Wynwood Radio and Product 81 Creative Lab. 

Montreal (Canada) recently wrapped a very young and international 2nd MURAL Festival, which in its words, “aims to celebrate creativity and democratize urban art.” With more than 20 artists in grind mode during four days in June, inspired tableaus now populate the main drag on St-Laurent Boulevard and its environs.  Though some could say this is a venture in columbusing (‘discovering’ something that’s existed forever), the site-specificity and artistic narratives behind the event’s outdoor walls add layers of color to an already diverse and textured neighborhood.

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West African dance class on Sundays; painterly murals on pastel-washed buildings; conch fritters and pikliz; and that rhythmic undertone of kompa, zouk and Creole are a few of the precious nuggets that belong to a microcosm of culture in Miami.  But more than just an oasis on the mainland, Little Haiti is home to prolific creatives and project spaces not-yet-touched by the increasingly high rents – and labels – of more popular neighborhoods.  A new frontier is on the rise, and gallerist Karla Ferguson is nurturing its growth with Yeelen Gallery.    

“From someone who frequents art fairs all over the world, I see the same well-funded galleries presenting the same well-known artists… What I do find interesting is the environment and energy that is created when a major art fair comes to town,” explains Inez Suen, art consultant and advisor.  Based in Chicago with a pied-à-terre in New York, she is bi-coastal and trans-continental, and travels regularly between Miami, Santa Fe and Los Angeles, and Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore.  As the ripples surrounding Art Basel Hong Kong dissipate and the world turns toward Art Basel, Switzerland, a conversation with Suen takes a look at her finds in the Far East.

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