Architecture isn’t typically thought of as a young person’s game. Most in the field only begin to earn accolades as they enter mid-life. But, Bjarke Ingels, the 38-year-old Danish darling of the architecture universe, is turning the tide with his innovative designs, eloquent presentations and a healthy dose of bravado. With high profile projects underway and a combined staff of 160 in Copenhagen and New York, Ingels is on a meteoric rise.

Though Architizer was an experiment at inception, it wasn’t long before founder Marc Kushner could predict its success. At the online architecture database’s launch party, on a warm November 2009 night in New York City, Kushner says, 300 people showed up at Storefront for Art and Architecture—“a space that can hold around 80 people on a good day.” Kushner, an architect who’d launched the website because of a dearth of commissions, had planned a cheap party. “All we had money to do was print some flags and buttons,” he recalls. “Everyone was waving the flags and had their fists up in the air, and it was like, holy shit, we really touched a nerve. People are hungry for an opportunity to talk about what we do as architects in a different context.”

How many fashion/design/art districts in the world can boast a nationally-celebrated senior high school on their doorstep. Not too many. The Miami Design District is the home to the Design and Architecture Senior High School (called DASH), ranked by US News and World Report as the 15th best public high school in the nation (2009) and the 16th best last year.

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The Miami Design District is taking the lead on LEED. LEED is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and LEED for Neighborhood Development integrates the principles of smart growth, urbanism and green building into neighborhood design and planning. Here’s how the Miami Design District is leading the way.

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Deep breath. We've been told many are beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed by the plethora of events stacking up in their calendars. One simple game plan? Check out the Buena Vista building in the Design District. The Buena Vista is playing host to several exhibitions and below we've listed some of our favorites: