The iconic LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana is almost as complex as the real thing.  One of the most recognizable modern-day images this four-letter word with a forward-leaning “O” captures an important time during the Pop Art movement.  Originally commissioned in 1965 by the Museum of Modern Art for its annual holiday card, LOVE has since appeared in prints, sculptures, banners, t-shirts and so much more.  From the first “Love” stamp printed by the U.S. Postal Service in 1973 to the massive statue at Sixth Avenue and 55th Street in New York, many have argued that the popularity and widespread appropriation of Indiana’s design was partially responsible for driving the artist to retreat to the island of Vilhaven, Maine.

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Brooklyn-based sculptor Ruby Sky Stiler’s stunning solo show opens at Locust Projects in the Miami Design District on Saturday, February 28. Miami, with its rapid development and old Florida charm, will identify and appreciate her juxtaposition of functional design and decorative superficies. New pieces that explore the tropical modernist architecture native to Miami come to life in this exhibit, as do previous works more closely related to the artist's ongoing investigation of the female figure.

In 1974, Art Basel wasn't the only fledgling contemporary art fair to emerge in Europe. Around the same time, the Fair of Contemporary Art was held at the site of the old Bastille in the center of Paris. It was since renamed International Contemporary Art Fair (commonly referred to as FIAC) and was moved into its current abode at the Grand Palais. It wasn't until 1976 that FIAC was considered a groundbreaking contemporary art fair, as it began to attract American galleries. Photography was introduced as a medium for the fair in 1982, with a dedicated exhibition space at the fairgrounds. The so-called 'video cube' was unveiled in 2001, highlighting young artists specializing in new media.

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