Even though our school days are behind us, this fall the thrill of scoring a new backpack is alive and well. Grown up backpacks are one of the season’s hottest trends, and we are 100 percent onboard.

If in addition to your summer tan you’ve also acquired a fiancé — your timing for love and wedding dress shopping couldn't be more perfect. Just a few months ago, designers sent their Spring/Summer 2018 bridal wear looks down the aisle, er, runway and there are plenty of new options to choose from. 

With fall around the corner as our calendars flip to August, we’re in no rush to transition into a new season. With the temps blazing in the upper 90s, we’re sharing our favorite summer accessory trends to take advantage of during the dog days of summer.

There’s no denying or escaping the fact that it’s hot outside. Really hot. Rather than play AC dash — dress for the heat by freeing your legs from pants. Instead, choose fun, flirty skirts that will you keep you cool until the fall arrives. The skirt, which is touted as the second-oldest garment known to mankind, will keep your style on point and rising body temps at bay.

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While the bold baubles in our collective jewelry boxes may get the most attention, it’s the dainty jewels that often get the most wear in our everyday wardrobes. Whether you’re shopping for a splurge-worthy style to rock as a signature piece or to gift the gal who loves jewels, smaller pieces offer a versatility that a loud statement piece may not afford.

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