Locust Projects will produce a major new installation by New York-based artist Daniel Arsham in his hometown of Miami.  For the installation, entitled Welcome to the Future, Arsham transforms the gallery into an excavation site, digging a trench in the gallery’s floor that holds thousands of calcified artifacts—a muted cacophony of 20th century media devices. Mounds of boom boxes, electric guitars, SLR cameras, Blackberries, Nintendo controllers, VHS tapes, Walkmans, film projectors, and portable televisions, rendered in crystal, volcanic ash, and other minerals fill the pit, collapsing linear narratives of past, present, and future. The trench presents the recent past as archeology, a world of technological objects whose obsolescence was built into their design, preserved like petrified wood or the figures of Pompeii. Arsham presents these devices as a mass below our feet, in a grand gesture that rewrites narratives of production, history, and discovery.

We think Johnny Robles is all grown up. “Let It Slide,” his inaugural gallery solo exhibition, is presently on view at Spinello Projects – and this, on the heels of a major show at the Art & Culture Center of Hollywood. 

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Remember that time when Autumn Casey walked through Art Basel screaming at the top of her lungs?  That was December 2012, and from whatever bottlenecked, manufactured experiences came from visiting Miami’s mammoth art fairs during peek hours, Casey channeled them perfectly.  She later explained to HuffingtonPost, "The actual idea came from the pressures of feeling like you have to do something for Basel - like now is your time because the whole art world is going to be [in Miami].  So I thought, what if I just scream? Like a release of this frustration from the pressure."

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Site-Specific brings performance out of the traditional theater and into our neighborhood.

How to make Zaha Hadid’s “Elastika” installation in Miami’s distinct Moore Building come alive; who was Peter Pan before he became THE Peter Pan; and how to meld psychedelic funk, rock and reggae with slam poetry.  All questions asked and answered at Miami Design District’s September “Site-Specific Performance Series,” which featured roving acts by Mad Cat Theatre Company, the cast of Peter and the Star Catcher (a musical slated to open in October at the Arsht Center with University of Miami’s School of Theatre), and the crew from Speakfridays.